Every website owner will agree that choosing a domain name is not a breeze. You think inside and outside the box. You try to consult peers and relatives who are creative than yourself. At times, even these approaches fail. You turn to search engines and domain generators to figure out if they will offer you a better solution.

Now, imagine going through this stressful situation and coming up with a website name that your customer does not trust. They have a negative perception of it. As such, when you launch your products, six months down the line, no sales. How would you feel? Before you reach this stage, here is why you should consider customer trust and perception when choosing your domain name:

Customers trust what is familiar to them

In the web world, customers trust is everything. If you target customers, who do not believe your site, making sales will be a mirage. But what does consist of the customer’s trust? Well, as you know, people including you, trust what is familiar to them. You believe various brands as you have known them for a more extended period. The same case happens in the web world. Your audience has built trust on a specific type of domain names. In fact, the .com is the web for a more significant percentage. Hence, as you choose your domain, consider the target customer familiarity index if you want to earn their trust.

Your domain name plays a central role in relationship establishment

As you are aware, the success of a business anchor on the relationship it has with the customers. Strong relationships lead to more sales and profits. However, people relate to what they know and trust. As a webpreneur, your domain name is central in relationship building. If your prospects are suspicious about your domain, it will take you a longer duration before establishing a relationship. For this reason, always consider the potential perception of your targets before selecting a domain name and extension.

Professionalism wins customer trust

One of the burning desires in every webpreneur is having an attractive website. With it, you are confident that you will make more sales and earn bucks in your pocket. But one thing about the customers is that they trust professional looking sites. If your site is unprofessional right from its URL, driving sales will be an uphill task. You have to convince your customers what you offer is of high quality before selling to them.

In a word, when choosing a domain name, always prioritize your customers’ trust and perception.

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