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Here are, the best and most popular USA web hosting service providers for small and mid-sized businesses!

Did you know that there are more than 1.2 billion websites in the world? Here are a few other facts and figures you should know about web hosting:
  • There are more than 330 million registered domains
  • In the early days, the domain names were limited to 9 extensions only (.com, .gov, .us, .org, .edu, .net, .mil, and others.). As of August 2017, everyone can register a domain name using 1 of 1547 domain extensions.
  • 2 out of 5 interest users will abandon a non-functioning or slow-loading website (when we say slow, we mean a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load).
  • By the end of 2018, it is expected that more than the half of the population in the world to be online.
  • By 2020 is foreseen that more than 60% of internet traffic will be conducted via tablet or mobile device.

The top 3 USA web hosting service providers for small business are:

When it comes to the price of web hosting services, if you are a small business or a startup, the price will always be a huge consideration when choosing a web host. You need to understand that price is dependent on the web hosting service type and will determine the features that come with it.
The web hosting plans are divided into 3 categories:

1. InMotion Hosting

Their services include shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. They have an impeccable and reputable track record. Based in LA, this web hosting service provider caters to small, as well as, medium-sized businesses with affordable hosting solutions and excellent after-sales support. The lowest price is $5.99 a month.
Small Businesses
Service Providers for Small Businesses

2. 1&1

This is one of the leading web hosting providers on the market and it is known for its affordable hosting plans. This company offers users available resources to affordably and easily create and maintain an optimal online presence. From personal plans to domains, 1&1 promises to provide high-quality services to its users. The lowest price is $0.99 a month.

3. InterServer

This web host has been in the business for quite some time now and provides standard web hosting services and innovative hosting solutions. This is a popular choice for companies and individuals looking to accomplish online visibility to meet corporate goals and grow their businesses. Their array of hosting solutions include cloud VPS, dedicated servers, quick servers, colocation, and etc. Their data center includes features such as fire suppression, UPS power, raised floors, HVAC, overhead air conditioning. They offer 100% power uptime on colocation and 99.9% uptime guarantee on the VPS hosting plans. The lowest price is $5 a month.
USA web hosting service

Analyze, compare, and choose the best web host for your small business!

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